About Us

Kenchic is the leading poultry brand in East and Central Africa. We have a proud heritage, rooted in agriculture, going back more than 60 years.
In Kenchic’s early years, we pioneered the breeding of robust, healthy chickens to create new economic opportunities for farmers all over Kenya. Since then, we have led the way in improving poultry farming practices across the region.
Today we produce millions of chickens every year. We place the highest priority on the care of the birds we farm, by conforming to Kenyan, European Union and World Health Organisation standards. Our biosecurity and food traceability measures are second to none.
We’re proud to be the leading integrated poultry business in the region, supplying the highest quality chicken meat for hotels and restaurants, fast food chains, in-flight catering, schools, hospitals and other institutions. We also produce fresh and frozen chicken and make it widely available to Kenyan families through our strong retail presence.
In everything we do, we focus on the Farm to Fork journey. We track every step from the moment the egg hatches until you buy our delicious, healthy chicken to eat at home.
Delicious and nutritious food, from Farm to Fork, is Kenchic’s Promise to you.